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Use case: Adding Gaming to all-in-one content service

A scattered market resulted in a fragmented streaming service overload, leaving consumers feeling overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of content specific platforms and rising costs. Cliq developed a platform to alleviate this problem, but required a platform for its gamer consumers.

Use case: Adding Gaming to all-in-one content service
Use case: Adding Gaming to all-in-one content service
Use case: Adding Gaming to all-in-one content service

Cliq - Blacknut Collaboration subscription service allows users to benefit from all-in-one entertainment content options: VOD, e-Book, Music, and Gaming on a variety of devices including: Android Mobile & TV, Webapp for iOS, Windows and MacOs computers, Web Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) FireTVOS, and Samsung Tizen.

Using Blacknuts APIs, Cliq Digital incorporated videogames metadata to its CLIQ Tech Hub™ where they store, bundle and curate digital content. Proprietary data-driven marketing and business knowledge was then combined inside the digital content warehouse, which ultimately drove the streaming service end-user experience.

Using Blacknut SDK, users can play a library of more than 500+ premium PC and console video games with streaming technology across all apps.

Additional Features from the Project:

  • Turnkey cloud gaming services integrable through a Software Development Kit;
  • A catalog of 600+ premium games from major publishers and studios working with movie IPs;
  • Expansive Metadata and APIs to quickly cross-integrate with existing media catalogs
  • Public / Private - Hybrid cloud infrastructure with more than 23 local Points Of Presence (POP) across all five continents.
  • Comprehensive data performance analytics

Cliq All In One Cloud Gaming offer

  • All-in-one service with movies & series, music, audiobooks, sports, and cloud-gaming powered by Blacknut SDK and library
  • 1st country to deploy is Germany, with plans to expand rapidly in Europe.
  • Launch offer: 1 month free then 6,99/month

Go to market plan

  • Marketing & Advertising : Organic and Paid content
  • Physical animations : Out of Home advertising
  • Brand Partnership
  • Digital campaign : TV Ad and Tik Tok Campaign

Key Facts

  • Increased marketing visibility including features in national and international outlets
  • First service of its kind to be successfully launched in Germany
  • A deployment plan to over 30 countries
  • Blacknut partnership contributes to Cliq’s win “Best of Best” German Brand Award 2023
Cliq Digital

Founded in 2005, Cliq Digital is a specialist in online advertising and streaming services that are advertised towards specific consumer groups. Starting with the licensing and selling of single-category content services, Cliq released its first all-in-one streaming service in 2019 and their flagship direct to consumer streaming service, with movies & series, music, audiobooks, sports, and cloud-gaming in 2022. The company is headquartered in Germany and currently has around 1.8 million paid memberships on numerous streaming services, across 30+ countries.

The Solution “SDK” from Blacknut

The Blacknut B2B SDK (Software Development Kit) offer allows you to integrate Blacknut's cloud gaming technology into your existing products or services. The SDK allows you to develop your own gaming application or add cloud gaming to your existing platform/services that will use Blacknut's infrastructure, so you can have full control over the gaming experience and create a unique gaming application that aligns with your brand’s vision. This offer is intended for businesses that want to add gaming capabilities to their products or services and have the capacity to develop and maintain a custom gaming application.

• Access to Blacknut’s catalog
• API from Blacknut to customize your service your own way
• Support and update from Blacknut
• Data reporting
• Marketing Agency

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