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  • Introduce a New Revenue Stream

    Publishers can create new income streams by adding their games to the Blacknut Catalog; working with Blacknut also allows partners to earn revshare revenue from unique users streaming their games.

    Blacknut’s marketing team can reach out with opportunities to work on special projects and activations with our 40+ B2B partners, saving publishers from expensive marketing costs by placing negotiated games in prime time positions amongst our distinguished partner networks across the globe.

  • Increase Reach & Break Device Barriers

    Blacknut players of all ages in 60+ countries bring a new level of exposure for publishers, join the catalog to bring games to new populations, countries, and players across 6 continents.

    Blacknut brings every game to all our compatible devices so publishers can benefit from Blacknut’s adaptability, allowing premium console games to be played via smartphones or tablets with streaming —or from the comfort of home on Smart TV’s, all without requiring users to download or purchase new hardware to play.

Shared Data Insights

  • Blacknut shares our data with publishers

  • Know how, when, & where your games are played

  • Keep track of your new audience

  • Discover new device usage

Shared Data Insights

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  • In App

    Editorial : Homepage - Publisher Events - Publisher Page - Categories - In-app notifications and banners

  • Media

    B2C Content - B2B partners Communication channels - Push Notifications - Events and activations

  • Cross Media

    Make your game present on all media at the same time for an event

Gain Visibility

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150+ world renowned publishers now included in the Blacknut catalog.