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MobiFone brings cloud gaming to 50 million Vietnamese gamers through partnership with Radian Arc & Blacknut

Paris - October 6, 2023

Leading Vietnamese telecommunication operator MobiFone launches new cloud gaming, powered by Blacknut’s SDK solution and Radian Arc’s proprietary GPU Edge infrastructure to a potential 50 million local gamers.

Leading Vietnamese telecommunication company MobiFone announces the arrival of a new cloud gaming service, for Vietnamese users. In the first half of 2023, Vietnam was ranked as one of the 5 most active countries (1) for mobile gaming. The nation boasts remarkably high smartphone penetration rates in Asia, coupled with a youthful demographic where nearly half of its population is under 30. Accordingly, in 2022, Vietnamese app users spent 83 billion hours, approximately four hours a day, online; for reference, in 2022 globally Android users spent 4 trillion. (2)

The cloud gaming offer, thanks to Blacknut’s SDK Solution and enabled by Radian Arc’s proprietary GPU Edge infrastructure, gives users unlimited access to a curated catalog of premium PC and Console video games. The games are playable through Radian Arc’s AMD-based GPU Edge technology and Blacknut’s streaming technology which leverages MobiFone’s 4G and 5G network coverage. Device options included tablets, smartphones, and PCs computers, to ensure a premium experience for users with no supplemental hardware or installation required to launch a game.

Boasting one of the world’s largest catalogs for cloud gaming, Blacknut has a unified gaming platform that is integrated within the MobiFone ecosystem, enabling users to have unlimited access to more than 500 high-quality PC and console titles. MobiFone cloud gaming will give Vietnamese gamers the ability to instantly play and stream titles like Overcooked, Asphalt9, Ryse: Son of Rome, or Lords of the Fallen, amongst others available in subscription offerings. Serious and casual gamers will soon be able to discover a seamless "click & play" experience, anytime and anywhere, regardless of their device – television, PC, tablet or mobile.

MobiFone brings cloud gaming to 50 million Vietnamese gamers through partnership with Radian Arc & Blacknut

Blacknut, a leading B2B2C Cloud Gaming provider, features several business solutions including the Blacknut B2B SDK (Software Development Kit); a kit which allows businesses to integrate cloud gaming technology into existing products, utilizing the existing Blacknut infrastructure and catalog in accordance with partnership needs, and allowing for businesses to add gaming capabilities without the need to develop or maintain a custom gaming application. In addition to supplying its cutting-edge cloud gaming technology, Blacknut supported MobiFone in its content acquisition to create a turnkey catalog based on the extensive and growing Blacknut catalog. The Blacknut team will continue to collaborate with MobiFone to aid them in growing their cloud game catalog in respect to local legislation regarding licensing.

Radian Arc, experts in digital Infrastructure and cloud gaming technology, deploys their state-of-the-art GPU compute expertise for the MobiFone. Radian Arc’s cloud gaming infrastructure with AMD-based GPU Edge technology and operator networks allow data to process as close to the end user as possible, whereas competing cloud gaming platforms must accommodate different network requirements of each players’ service providers. Radian Arc and Blacknut will deliver consistent, high-quality entertainment to all 50 million Vietnamese gamers.

Radian Arc is thrilled to be partnered with Blacknut on the successful launch for MobiFone. Our combined solutions to bring Cloud Gaming innovation to the market have continued to evolve and grow with customers’ needs, and MobiFone cloud gaming is a perfect example to impact and provide a unique value proposition for gaming across the globe.
David Cook, CEO at Radian Arc

Working with the Radian Arc and Blacknut teams was streamlined allowing us to launch our turnkey gaming offer, we were thrilled to have had expertise from both a technology and licensing perspective supporting the entirety of the process and to have their continued support going forward from the launch. Vietnam is a country of gamers, and we are thrilled to be bringing a form of gaming that excludes hardware constraints and other barriers for the entirety of our network.
Nguyen Tuan Thanh, Director of Digital Services Center at MobiFone Global

The partnership with MobiFone is a testament to the capabilities of the licensing, marketing, and technology expertise at Blacknut. We are looking forward to growing the collaboration with MobiFone to bring new games and licensing opportunities to all of MobiFone’s users across Vietnam.
Olivier Avaro, CEO at Blacknut

Vietnam already boasts a gaming community of more than half of the country’s population, an estimated 50 million as of 2022, with more likely to join with the functionality and ease of the newly optimized cloud gaming innovation provided by MobiFone, Radian Arc, and Blacknut.

1- TechWire Asia: Can Vietnam be a powerhouse in the gaming industry?
2- Vietnamese among top 10 countries in app downloads (14/05/2023)

About Blacknut -

Blacknut is the world's leading pure player cloud gaming service dedicated to the general public, distributed both Direct to consumers and B2B through ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies. Blacknut offers the largest catalog of premium games with 500+ premium titles carefully selected for the whole family, all included in a monthly subscription. The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America on a wide range of devices, including mobiles, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs. Blacknut was founded in 2016 by Olivier Avaro (CEO) and is headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in Paris, Seoul and San Francisco. Blacknut was awarded the Red Herring 2021 Top 100 Winner, in Europe.

About MobiFone -

MobiFone aims to continue promoting digital transformation and building digital infrastructure and digital ecosystems for customers, partners and society. In-depth development, expansion and strong growth in pillar business areas: (1) Digital infrastructure (mobile data infrastructure (3G/4G/5G/... connection), Cloud infrastructure, fixed broadband); (2) Digital platform, enterprise digital solutions (digital finance/digital payment, IoT, Smart monitoring, Digital security, enterprise digital transformation services,...); (3) Digital content services (Education, Healthcare, Advertising, Music, video, OTT television,...).

About Radian Arc -

Radian Arc offers a global infrastructure-as-a-service, deploying GPU compute, storage and networking infrastructure inside of telecom operator networks. Radian Arc offers telecom operators a CAPEX free, GPU-based edge that facilitates low latency and improved economics for value-added services and monetization of 5G investments. In addition, Radian Arc offers a rich suite of applications such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud-Gaming that utilize its GPU edge and low latency network. Radian Arc’s initial focus is on cloud-gaming given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, delivering a high-quality experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators. Radian Arc is headquartered in Australia, with a global team based in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, and CIS.

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