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High-Flying New Collaboration: Gaijin & Blacknut to bring War Thunder to global cloud gaming platform

Paris - March 19, 2024

MMO Game War Thunder, by Gaijin, to be available for crossplay to over 10 billion addressable devices thanks to its addition to the Blacknut Cloud Gaming catalog

In a new partnership with Gaijin Entertainment, Blacknut Cloud Gaming will add their first F2P game, inaugurally opening the cloud ecosystem for future additions. The new game and seamless integration features will allow Blacknut players access to the MMO game with cross play and without having to create new player IDs. The selection of War Thunder as the platform’s first MMO game continues the tradition of Blacknut’s meticulous selection of games that valorize player experience.

High-Flying New Collaboration: Gaijin & Blacknut to bring War Thunder to global cloud gaming platform

Gaijin’s War Thunder has achieved remarkable success since its launch, captivating a global audience with its immersive and dynamic gameplay. The MMO military game is dedicated to aviation, armored vehicles, and naval crafts dating from the early 20th century to the most advanced modern combat units. The game's unique blend of realistic vehicular combat across land, air, and sea has set it apart in the gaming industry and its attention to historical accuracy and immersive environments all contribute to an unparalleled gaming experience.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of War Thunder to Blacknut's catalog. This achievement is a testament to the relentless & synergistic collaboration between Gaijin and our teams, aiming to deliver a gaming experience that is not just entertaining but also seamlessly integrated. It reflects our commitment to providing users with a simple and fluid gaming journey, showcasing the dedication and hard work that went into making this partnership a success.
-Olivier Avaro, CEO Blacknut

War Thunder will be accessible for crossplay with massively multiplayer online (MMO) directly from within the Blacknut UI with no requirement for new users to create new player IDs. By leveraging cloud-streaming technology, War Thunder Blacknut players will also gain the flexibility to enjoy the game across a variety of devices, with cloud saves so players can seamlessly change between devices at whim, breaking down barriers related to expensive hardware specifications.These features and more will ensure that the immersive and detailed vehicular combat is accessible to an even broader audience.

Blacknut Cloud Gaming is an online, subscription-based game streaming service that allows up to 5 different, simultaneously accessible player profiles to access a curated catalog of over 500+ premium video games, including AAA, puzzle, adventure, FPS, and the largest collection of racing & sports games, with no lock-in contract. Blacknut’s platform is supported by a unique hybrid public-private cloud infrastructure and available in more than 60+ countries worldwide across a myriad of compatible devices including Smart TVs, tablets, mobiles, and more. The cloud gaming platform also offers access to manageable features including pin-protected parental controls, useful for all Blacknut subscribers considering War Thunder’s PEGI 12 rating.

At Gaijin, we believe in pushing boundaries to offer players the best possible gaming experience.The dedication and synergy between our teams have been remarkable, and we are excited to see the result of this collaborative effort, ensuring that players can enjoy War Thunder to the fullest on the Blacknut platform across all their devices.
-Vyacheslav Bulannikov, producer of War Thunder at Gaijin

The updates and expansions introduced by the War Thunder developers since launch have kept the player base engaged and eager for more. The game’s success is not only measured by its impressive player numbers but also by its ability to create a passionate and dedicated community that appreciates the game's commitment to authenticity and strategic depth, a community that will now be able to access the game through Blacknut’s unique hybrid public cloud infrastructure; a cloud infrastructure that enables seamless cross-platform play, fostering a more inclusive community where players can engage in epic battles regardless of their chosen device, further bolstered by the reduced reliance on local hardware.

The game will be released on Blacknut on March 22, 2024, allowing for new players to join through Blacknut with all War Thunder crossplay features available; for existing War Thunder players – the option to connect with their own account is also underway.

About Blacknut -

Blacknut is the world's leading pure player cloud gaming service dedicated to the general public, distributed both Direct to consumers and B2B through ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies. Blacknut offers the largest catalog of premium games with 500+ premium titles carefully selected for the whole family, all included in a monthly subscription. The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America on a wide range of devices, including mobiles, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs. Blacknut was founded in 2016 by Olivier Avaro (CEO) and is headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in Paris, Seoul and San Francisco. Blacknut was awarded the Red Herring 2021 Top 100 Winner, in Europe.

About Gaijin Entertainment -

Gaijin Entertainment is the developer and publisher of the online games War Thunder, Crossout, Enlisted, CRSED: F.O.A.D. and Star Conflict as well as other PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS and Android titles across several genres. The company’s diverse portfolio has received a range of mass media and game industry awards including such as Gamescom Award and many more. Gaijin is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with offices in Germany, Cyprus, Latvia, Armenia and Dubai.

About War Thunder -

About War Thunder War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece with millions of fans worldwide, that allows players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mac and Linux to fight their way across air, land, and sea in the same battlefield. War Thunder offers 2500+ playable aircraft, armored vehicles and ships from the 1900s to the 2010s. The US, Russian, British, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Israeli, Hungarian, South African and French military vehicles represented in the game are carefully researched, historically accurate recreations of their real world counterparts. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates.

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