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Blacknut and Radian Arc Announce Dedicated Cloud Gaming Solution for Cross-Media Entertainment

Paris - April 5, 2023

Through this turnkey solution, media companies can easily integrate cloud gaming within over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms to deliver new cross-media experiences to their subscribers.

Leading B2B2C Cloud Gaming Ecosystem Blacknut and cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc announced today the official launch of the dedicated cloud gaming-as-a-service solution for cross-media entertainment. This partnership brings together Blacknut’s extensive premium games catalog and Radian Arc’s proprietary GPU Edge infrastructure to provide a comprehensive package:

  • Turnkey cloud gaming services (integrable as an app or through a Software Development Kit);
  • A catalog of 600+ premium games from major publishers and studios working with movie IPs;
  • Expansive Metadata and APIs to quickly cross-integrate with existing media catalogs
  • Public / Private - Hybrid cloud infrastructure with more than 23 local Points Of Presence (POP) across all five continents.

Cloud gaming technology removes hardware barriers to bring gaming content to the broadest audience. It is easier than ever to expand on-screen experiences, including sports, movies, shows, or documentaries, with an interactive gaming experience at the push of a button. For game publishers, this removal of barriers opens up opportunities to reach new audiences which were previously inaccessible.

SVOD platforms are investing in movies and shows based on gaming IPs, and even directly releasing games based on popular internal IPs. Game streaming and interactive entertainment content have been identified as “the next big thing” in revenue growth, supported by the proven strategy of catering to fans to increase platform usage and retention.

Cross-media entertainment is not a recent phenomenon; for the past 150 years, technologies like the Phonograph, Radio Broadcasting, Cinema, Televisions and Personal Computers have contributed to the development and extension of original content from one medium to another.

The democratization of video gaming over the past 40 years and the increased sharing of original IPs across industries have removed all remaining boundaries between target user groups. Similar to how past technology breakthroughs shaped the way we interact with content today, Cloud gaming is the technological revolution within the cross-media entertainment landscape which will enable common target groups to interact with all available content.
Said Olivier Avaro, Founder & CEO of Blacknut.
Through Blacknut's premium game catalog and Radian Arc's proprietary GPU Edge technology, cloud gaming and interactive experiences are now accessible to a wider audience across multiple devices. Cloud gaming offers a new avenue for fans to experience their favorite games and movies in a new and accessible way.
Said David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc.

For content distributors, like ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies, an all-in-one media ecosystem encourages the cross-pollination of users between cloud gaming and traditional media catalogs of relevant shows and movies. Users can switch between forms of entertainment seamlessly, without leaving their platform of choice.

With the B2B2C population in mind, Blacknut and Radian Arc’s cloud gaming platform has already attracted the attention of more than 50 Carriers, Broadband and OTT providers, amounting to a reachable and billable audience of 1.4 billion users across the globe.

Blacknut and Radian Arc full turnkey solution:

Cloud Gaming Service: Service providers can launch cloud gaming services or activate gaming content with Blacknut and Radian Arc.

Games: In addition to a licensed catalog of 600+ AAA to Indie games, Blacknut can also:

  • Onboard games wishlists and help negotiate exclusive agreements with publishers
  • Support “Bring Your Own Game” (BYOG) and Freemium Games models
  • Assist in developing IP-licensed games in partnership with specialized studios like Gameloft, Outright and others.

Marketing Agency: Specialized internal Marketing Agency team to support go-to market plan and manage subscribers' engagement, as well as a complete assets library and editorialized content.

Infrastructure: Radian Arc’s proprietary infrastructure is scalable, and cost-efficient with:

  • Integrated in Blacknut’s Public and Private – Hybrid - Cloud Environment.
  • Supermicro purpose-built, flexible, and massively scalable GPU Edge Infrastructure Solution
  • Powered by AMD technologies
  • Optimized with Netint high-density container based solution
  • Support for Windows, Linux & Android games
  • Optimized to support 5G slicing with Ericsson & Quality on Demand (QoD) APIs

The platform is already live in 45 countries, with distribution partnerships signed with numerous carriers such as stc Group, Bridge Alliance, CKH Group, M1 or with content platforms including Cliq Digital. It is also pre-embedded in set-top boxes and TVs ecosystems such as the Samsung Gaming Hub, the LG Gaming Shelf, or the Amazon FireTV.

Are you ready to play? Meet Blacknut and Radian Arc for a demo at the Supermicro Booth at NAB! (Booth #N1015 at LVCC North Hall, Las Vegas, NV)

To learn more about Blacknut and Radian Arc’s cloud gaming solution, visit and

About Blacknut -

Blacknut is the world's leading pure player cloud gaming service dedicated to the general public, distributed both Direct to consumers and B2B through ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies. Blacknut offers the largest catalog of premium games with 500+ premium titles carefully selected for the whole family, all included in a monthly subscription. The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America on a wide range of devices, including mobiles, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs. Blacknut was founded in 2016 by Olivier Avaro (CEO) and is headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in Paris, Seoul and San Francisco. Blacknut was awarded the Red Herring 2021 Top 100 Winner, in Europe.

About Radian Arc -

Radian Arc offers a global infrastructure-as-a-service, deploying GPU compute, storage and networking infrastructure inside of telecom operator networks. Radian Arc offers telecom operators a CAPEX free, GPU-based edge that facilitates low latency and improved economics for value-added services and monetization of 5G investments. In addition, Radian Arc offers a rich suite of applications such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud-Gaming that utilize its GPU edge and low latency network. Radian Arc’s initial focus is on cloud-gaming given the combined power and efficiency of 5G and GPU edge, delivering a high-quality experience to consumers at a lower cost to telecom operators. Radian Arc is headquartered in Australia, with a global team based in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, and CIS.

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