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VivaTech ‘24: Leading French Cloud Gaming Platform Blacknut reveals LeLab initiative to support game creators for Cloud Native Innovation

Paris - May 16, 2024

Blacknut Cloud Gaming unveils first of its kind test & learn “Cloud Native” laboratory for video game creators ahead of “Pitch you Game” Challenge at Leading French Technology Event Viva Technology

Ahead of Blacknut Cloud Gaming’s participation in Viva Technology on Saturday, May 25th, 2024 as the host of “Pitch your Game” for aspiring Game Developers, the cloud game streaming platform reveals its newest initiative for creators: LeLab – the first ever “Cloud Native” laboratory for Game Creators.

VivaTech ‘24: Leading French Cloud Gaming Platform Blacknut reveals LeLab initiative to support game creators for Cloud Native Innovation

Initially teased through Blacknut’s B2B Channels, the cloud gaming provider is happy to share additional details with the public surrounding its upcoming new feature.

LeLab is a cloud native game laboratory which allows creators to publish their Cloud Native Gameplay in an experimental space and innovate directly based on Blacknut player feedback. With the goal of creating a community from an audience, LeLab gives developers access to test & publish onboarding tools, support and featuring capacities, and generates real user feedback and data. This tool is the first of its kind, a true “Cloud Native” laboratory for video game creators to support transitions and optimization for the cloud from inception through launch. Best of all, all elements of the endeavor are located in a dedicated space inside Blacknut App for ease of use for both players and creators.

Blacknut regularly provides a platform for developers to showcase their talents and reach a global audience without the barriers of traditional distribution channels across devices on 6 continents with over 10 billion devices. By embracing indie titles since its debut, Blacknut has enriched its library with diverse gaming options, from quirky boutique publisher gems to boundary-pushing AAA & racing games, and now it will support aspiring developers from their grand debut.

Empowering young developers with initiatives like LeLab is not just about nurturing talent; it's about investing in the future of gaming innovation. Supporting initiatives for young developers cultivates creativity, diversity, and fresh perspectives in an ever-evolving industry. Moreover, bringing games to the cloud isn't merely a technological leap; it's a strategic imperative. It democratizes access, enhances scalability, and fosters a global gaming community like never before. Embracing these initiatives isn't just about staying ahead; it's about shaping the future of gaming for generations to come

Thierry Teyssier, CPO (Chief Product Officer) Blacknut Cloud Gaming

LeLab will empower developers to focus on crafting unforgettable gameplay experiences for the next months to come, knowing that their creations will find a home and an eager audience on the Blacknut platform. In accordance with Vivatechs' mission for innovation, the Blacknut team will be present throughout the conference to showcase its inspiring strategy to foster developer talent, particularly through its patronage of the gaming pitch challenge to be held from the VivaTech Pitch Studio1 .

  • Thursday May 23, 10:00 AM: CEO Olivier Avaro for Cloud vs Console: The Future of Gaming Platforms
  • Saturday May 25, 3:00 PM: “Pitch Your Game by Blacknut Cloud Gaming” Live event, Nabil Laredj VP of Business And Head of Licensing will join esteemed panel of c-suite level executives from Microids, Gameloft, and Don’t Nod, to judge the “Pitch your Game”.
  • Saturday May 25, 4:35 PM: Blacknut’s VP of Licensing & New Business Nabil Laredj will be participating to Un jeu pour toi : comment les jeux trouvent leur audience panel2
LeLab is a new initiative adjacent to Blacknut’s publishers space created to support a motivated group of developers and delight our audiences; LeLab games exist in a experientmental state, ready to be adapted based on Blacknut community feedback. LeLab will give budding developers a new way to share and adapt their games which has never before existed while simultaneously giving users a true first look at the future of cloud gaming.
Oliver Avaro, CEO Blacknut Cloud Gaming

Based in Rennes France, Blacknut Cloud Gaming was established as a startup in 2016 by CEO Olivier Avaro. The online, subscription-based game streaming service now has offices in Paris, Seoul, and San Francisco. Subscriptions allow up to 5 different, simultaneously accessible player profiles to access a curated catalog of over 500+ premium video games, including AAA, puzzle, adventure, FPS, and the largest collection of racing & sports games, all with no lock-in contract directly streamed to a wide range of compatible devices. Like its curated catalog, LeLab games will be accessible across devices but in a more creative and artistic state as the games are refined based on player feedback and cloud technology innovation needs.

A leader in the B2B cloud space, Blacknut’s growing catalog, partner portfolio, and now the LeLab will continue to expand its audience creating a thriving communities of players and creators in the cloud space.

1) The pitch contest challenges seven finalists to present their games live from the Viva Technology Pitch Studio; winners will, amongst other great prizes, receive an opportunity for their game to benefit from the LeLab.

2) EN: A game for you: how games find their audience

About Blacknut -

Blacknut is the world's leading pure player cloud gaming service dedicated to the general public, distributed both Direct to consumers and B2B through ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services & Media companies. Blacknut offers the largest catalog of premium games with 500+ premium titles carefully selected for the whole family, all included in a monthly subscription. The service is now available across Europe, Asia & North America on a wide range of devices, including mobiles, set-top-boxes and Smart TVs. Blacknut was founded in 2016 by Olivier Avaro (CEO) and is headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in Paris, Seoul and San Francisco. Blacknut was awarded the Red Herring 2021 Top 100 Winner, in Europe.

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